Our Mission

To provide sport science related education programs, resources and services for youth soccer players, parents and coaches involved in the development process of the youth athlete.

Our Vision

To standardize the essential sport science knowledge to support the overall development of the youth soccer player and its environment using education as a mean.

Daniel Serravite, Ph.D.

Our Founder.

Daniel Serravite, Ph.D.

Dr. Serravite is an accomplished Sport Scientist specialized in youth athletes, sports nutrition and education. Dr. Serravite’s academic background in both exercise physiology and nutrition include graduate degrees at the Master’s and Doctoral level as well as holding the lead certifications in the industry. His ability to bring science down to real life scenarios, his academic background, along the 25+ years of vast field experience working with high performance athletes of different levels,  ages and cultures provides Dr. Serravite the capacity to engage with diverse audiences while relating to their daily challenges.

Dr. Serravite is passionate about integrating evidence based information and state-of-the-art  technology to create unique student-centered learning experiences. He has developed a myriad of sport science related courses for universities as well as for private organizations delivered  in-person, hybrid and online.

Led by passion, commitment and professionalism, Dr. Serravite is fully devoted to contribute to the education process of athletes, coaches, health professionals and organizations that are looking for meaningful support to continue developing their environments.

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