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What is ISAK?

The International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry (ISAK) was founded as an organisation of individuals whose scientific and professional endeavour is related to kinanthropometry

ISAK has developed international standards for anthropometric assessment and an international anthropometry accreditation scheme (IAAS). The accreditation scheme is based on the concept of a four-level hierarchy. A key element in it is the objective maintenance of quality assurance by requiring that all levels have to meet initial technical error of measurement (TEM)

Courses must follow the official anthropometric accreditation scheme of the ISAK. This helps ensure that the courses are standardized internationally and that all persons completing an ISAK accreditation course have the same level of knowledge and skills.

All accreditation courses in kinanthropometry by the ISAK level 1, 2 and 3 are carried out with the highest quality standards.

Level 1

Technician Restricted Profile Anthropometrist

Level 1 is designed for the majority of ISAK-accredited anthropometrists who have little on-going requirement for more than the measurement of base measurements and skinfolds. A small number of girths and three bone breadths have also been included at this level to enable the monitoring of health and growth variables, and calculation of the somatotype and body composition – all of which ISAK sees as valuable tools for the comparison of body size, shape and composition.

Thus, a person who successfully completes Level 1 can demonstrate adequate precision in 4 base measures, 8 skinfolds, 6 girths and 3 breadths and has a basic understanding of the theory of anthropometric applications.



August 19 -21
Weston FL

ISAK Level 1

Learn how to start your path as a profesional anthopometrist.


Level 2

Technician Full Profile Anthropometrist

Level 2 is designed for those anthropometrists who wish to offer their subjects a more-comprehensive range of measurements.

A Level 2 anthropometrist can demonstrate adequate precision in 4 base measurements, 8 skinfolds, 13 girths, 9 lengths and heights, 9 breadths and depths and has a broad understanding of the theory of anthropometry and its interpretation.

Level 3

Instructor Anthropometrist

Level 3 is designed only for those anthropometrists who wish to engage in the training and accreditation of Levels 1 and 2 anthropometrists. Its purpose is to increase the availability of training courses so that ISAK training can be offered to greater numbers of candidates worldwide.

Like Level 2 anthropometrists, Level 3 practitioners can demonstrate adequate precision in all 43 anthropometric dimensions, but, in addition, have sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge of anthropometry to be able to instruct and accredit Level 1 and 2 anthropometrists.

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