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We assist athletes to achieve their nutritional, performance & lifestyle goals

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E-Learning Education Platform

Rather than telling athletes what to do, we assist them to acquire the habits, behaviors and skills to achieve their nutritional, performance & lifestyle goals.

Using on our platform you can:

Curriculum tailored to the needs of:

Learn Sports Nutrition

20 + Education Topics

Athletes earn certificates as they master each topic

Understanding the athlete's energy needs.


Athletes & energy

How much energy do they need?

Nutrition Planning


Nutrition Planning

Make your own nutrition plan

Hydration and fluid replacement


Hydration and fluid replacement

How to create a personalized hydration plan

Cooking Technique.


Cooking Technique

Create your own recipes

Fueling the athlete


What do they need?

Carbohydrates, Protein, Fats, Vitamins & Minerals

Plant based diet for athletes


Plant based diet

Meeting protein needs

Recovery Nutrition


Recovery nutrition

Strategies to speed up recovery

Grocery shopping skills


Grocery shopping skills

Buying food for an athlete diet

Sport Performance Supplements


Understanding Supplements

Common supplements, effects & safety.

Common Nutrition issues in athletes


Common Nutrition issues in athletes

Cramping, gi distress & cravings

And many, many more!


Exclusive Webinars

Helping audiences reach new heights in their sports nutrtition education.

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