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Testing Services

We use state-of-the -art technology to help you guide the process towards reaching your goal and full potential.  Testing allows to personalize the advice and make it athlete’ specific.

Make a difference

Obtaining objective key information provides the basis for understanding the status of the athlete and use it as a reference to set goals while following a program.

Muscle Health

Muscle glycogen testing is used to evaluate recovery (meaning either nutrition and/or rest and/or modifying the training load) based on an athlete’s training load.

Should they train or should they focus more on some aspect of recovery?  If they train, could they be at an increased risk for injury because they may have an imbalance of muscle glycogen on their right and left sides? Is there a glute muscle over-activating to compensate for a poorly firing quad?

Test Details


10 Minutes

Test results


Follow up testing

3-4 months

Body Composition

We use 3D  Body Scan technology to give you a full picture of your body composition.

Measuring body composition can help identify health risks, track age-related body composition changes and  better evaluate weight loss or weight gain strategies. This measurement is another tool in the toolbox for health optimization.

Test Details


15 Minutes

Test results:


Follow up testing:

2-3 months

Personalized Hydration Plan

General hydration recommendations do not fit all athletes, so knowing the individual sweating characteristics of the athlete allows to create a personalized hydration plan for every training or competition situation.

A personalized hydration plan can help you:

How we test your hydration

The combination of different tests assist to understand the sweating characteristics & hydration needs of the athlete.

Sweat testing

Electrolytes in sweat as well as sweating rate.

Salivary Analysis

We analyze biomarkers to asses hydration.

Urine Analysis

Indicates the degree of dehydration.

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